Plastic Egg Cartons and Tray Suppliers

Plastic Egg Cartons And Tray Suppliers

Thermoformed Egg Cartons and Tray Series:

plastic egg carton and tray suppliers
pp thermoformed plastic egg tray

Moulded Plastic Egg Tray Series:

PE plastic egg tray

Advantages of plastic egg cartons:

  • Use 40% less energy to produce than pulp.
  • Lighter and more compact to transport, saving on truck fuel.
  • Plastic cartons can be recycled; pulp cartons can not be recycled.
  • Plastic egg cartons are produced from 100% recyclable and recycled material.
  • reduces the risk of breakage dramatically, it increases hygienic aspects, broken eggs are detected at first glance.
  • no need to pollute or waste water and¬† can be 100% recycled
  • egg purchase in the supermarket becomes more quick, easy and comfortable.