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Professional Thick Gauge Thermoforming Supplier From China

3D Wall Panel Manufacturer China

Manufacturing Process:  Color Platic Materil—- Vacuum Forming—Cutting ( Our thermoforming Capability) Applications of  3D wall Panel: Household cases: Wall background of TV, sofa, bedroom, foyers, stairwell, ceiling and a children’s room, study-room, kitchen and other space wall decoration.   Business cases: Wall background of company’s’ LOGO, conference room, cafes, restaurant, chain stores, sample display window, […]

International students visit our facotry

So Happy Day!  A lot of Students from International School visit our factory! Visiting Our big thermoforming Machines : also you can refer to Our capability Our Engineer help them to know the process of thermoforming.

Thermoformed Medical Devices

Thermoformed Medical Devices Supplier From China We supply thermoformed medical device manufacturer’s covers, enclosures and panels. Thermoforming has become the process of choice for many manufacturers of medical devices and equipment. Custom thermoformed parts are used as enclosures, housings or covers for the mechanical or electronic components in medical devices and equipment. Our Customers of […]

Acrylic Light Box Supplier

Acrylic Light Box Supplier From China Acrylic light box sometimes is refered to as: acrylic light box display, acrylic light box supplier,acrylic lightbox, acrylic lightbox supplier,acrylic light box panel.etc Related Acrylic Products you may be interested in: Acrylic vacuum forming,Acrylic cosmetic display,Acrylic brochure holder,acrylic wine display.etc

Acrylic Vacuum Forming

Acrylic Vacuum Forming Supplier From China Professional Acryilic vacuum forming supplier from China, we manufacture high quality acrylic vacuum formed products at reasonable price.various kinds of acrylic vacuum forming products are suitable for you to choose.custom design are available. Acrylic Vacuum Forming is sometimes refered to as: acrylic vacuum formed products,acrylic vacuum formed, acrylic thermoforming,plastic […]

Displays and Pre-Printed Thermoforming

Displays and Pre-Printed Thermoforming Sometimes parts are printed before the molding or thermoforming. Paintings in high relief, physical maps and geographic globes are examples where relief provides a different feeling from painted materials. Pre Printed Thermoforming sometimes is refered to as: thermoforming packaging with printing,preprinted thermoforming,pre printed vacuum forming,pre printed vacuum thermoforming. Other Kinds of Thick […]

Bathtub and Sanitary Devices

Bathtub and Sanitary Devices Thermoforming is used for bathtubs, spas, shower trays, closet liners and drawers. The materials used in the production of these parts are PSAI, PMMA (acrylic) and ABS. The sheet thickness ranges from 1.5 up to 10 mm. Some of the parts used in bathroom construction can be reinforced with fiberglass or PU […]

Refrigerator Liner Thermoforming

Refrigerator Liner Thermoforming Heavy refrigerator thermoforming has become the process of choice for many manufacturers of refrigerator. Widely used in refrigerator substructure thermoforming,refrigerator door thermoforming,refrigerator internal thermoforming,refrigerator with freezer.etc

Automotive Industry Thermoforming

Automotive Industry Thermoforming Automotive thermoforming,auto parts thermoforming has become the process of choice for many manufacturers of automotive parts.widely used in instrument panel,inner door lining,Headrest passenger cars,Tub for luggage trunk,motor cover,truck bed line.etc Directly Customers and other Customers: