Thermoforming (also called vacuum forming )is one of the most cost effective ways to test designs of products or to perform prototyping. DITAI Plastics Manufacturing has a rich experience in working with product developers and engineers.

Professional Thermoforming Machine:


  • 5 sets large thermoforming machine with Max Forming area (4000*2000*1000MM)
  • 3 sets small thermoforming machine

large thermoforming parts

Thermoforming Material:

  • PVC.PP,PE,ABS,HIPS,PC.etc (2-10mm)

Secondary Operations:

  • 5-Axis Robotic Trimming—CNC Triming—-Cutting—Assembly—Custom Packaging

custom-thermoforming 5-axis-trimming
Engineer Support Service:

  • Design—Prototyping—Molds Making—-IN-house CAD Support are available.
Contact: Mr.John.Fan ----ShenZhen.China