Plastic Thermoforming Capabilities

Large Part Thermoforming / Twin Sheet Thermoforming:

Our large part thermoforming capabilities redefine what’s possible. With the ability to thermoform a full 3M by 4M, with up to 0.8M of depth, Products really can offer more.

thermoforming factory China

Thermoforming Equipment:

  • 10 single station thermoformers
  • 2 twin sheet thermoforming Machine designed and made by our own

mold center and thermoformers

Thermoforming Materials:


Secondary Operations:

  • 6 Axis Robotic Trimming,CNC trimming,Routing,Riveting,Gluing
  • Die Cutting,Assembly,Sealing,Custom Packaging,Bar Coding

CNC center

In House Tooling:

Our in-house tooling capabilities have kept us as the industry leader since 2000. We’ll provide you with full service design, prototypes and samples. All work is completed on the latest solid based CAD/CAM technology to insure consistent accuracy and total quality.

Contact: Mr.John.Fan ----ShenZhen.China