Bathtub and Sanitary Devices

Bathtub and Sanitary Devices

bathtub and sanitary thermoforming

Thermoforming is used for bathtubs, spas, shower trays, closet liners and drawers.
The materials used in the production of these parts are PSAI, PMMA (acrylic) and ABS. The sheet thickness ranges from 1.5 up to 10 mm.

Some of the parts used in bathroom construction can be reinforced with fiberglass or PU spray in order to get enough resistance at a low cost.

The surfaces of parts can appear either textured or brilliant or be decorated using sheets of several surface types.

Other Kinds of Thick Gauge Thermoforming:

Thermoformed Medical Device,Acrylic vacuum Forming,Auto Parts Thermoforming,Acrylic Display.

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